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The Stereology Research Laboratory was established in 1987 when Hans Jørgen G. Gundersen was elected professor in Stereology. This laboratory has developed almost all existing design-based methods used at laboratories worldwide, and a number of leading international journals has emphasized that only qualitative structural papers using these methods will be published in their journals. In 2001, Jens R. Nyengaard became head of the laboratory.

Our primary aim is to develop and practice the use of tissue quantification in biomedicine. An important factor is the sampling of the tissue from the time at which it is removed from a human being or an animal and throughout the whole histological process, i.e. the macroscopical sectioning, dehydration, microscopical sectioning and staining. At the laboratories we are able to make visualization by different light and elect ron microscopical techniques.

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Research Focus


  • Fluorescence macroscope (Olympus MVX10)
  • Computerised light microscopes (Olympus BX-50 and BX-51)
  • A multi-mode confocal microscope based on an LSM 510 META system
  • A Philips CM10 elect ron microscope with a Kodak 1.6 camera connected to a computer with SIS Analysis software (iTEM).
  • Cryostat (Microm), vibratomes, rotator microtomes (Microm HM 350, Leica Supercut) and sledge microtomes, (cryo-) ultramicrotomes (Leica Ultracut UC6,Leica Ultracut S, RMC XTML)


Head of the laboratory:
Jens R. Nyengaard
Phone: (+45) 8942 2955

Vicki Elisabeth Vallund (Academic linguist, MA)

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