Danish Genetically Modified Animal Resource


The resource started in 2000 as the ‘Danish Center for Transgenic Mice’. Since 2009 it combines the zebrafish, mice, C. elegans, and pigs as genetic model organisms for human diseases including neuropsychitatric disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, neuronal degeneration, multiple sclerosis, and bipolar disorders.

For further information: http://www.dagmar.au.dk/


Research Focus

  • ES cell culture
  • Microinjection set up in the SPF animal facility
  • Zebrafish facility
  • C. elegans facility
  • Stable for genetically modified pigs
  • Production units for all species


Techniques / Infrastructure

Depending on the organism, different state of the art genetic modifications can be performed:

  • Mice: Pronucleus injection, targeted mutagenesis in ES cells (Knock out, knock in), chimera experiments, ES cell derivation, embryo freezing
  • Zebrafish: Knock down experiments, transgene expression, Gene expression analysis (RT-PCR, WISH), Immunostaining, Phenotyping
  • Pig: Transgene expression and knock-out by somatic cell nucleus cloning or sperm mediated gene transfer
  • C. elegans: RNAi knock down, transgene expression, phenotyping, disease models and gene expression analysis


Contact person
Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Aarhus University
C.F. Møllers Allé 3, building 1131
8000 Aarhus C
Email: emf@mb.au.dk 

Director Anders Nykjær
Department of Biomedicine
Aarhus University
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 10
8000 Aarhus C
Email: an@biomed.au.dk

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