NeuroTechnology Lab

About NeuroTechnology Lab

The NeuroTechnology Lab is a research laboratory hosting activities within a broad spectrum of technologies related to the human nervous system. This includes measuring on and modelling of the nervous system, innovating and engineering novel interfacing technologies, applying advanced signal processing and machine learning methods for electrophysiological signals primarily from the central and peripheral nervous system, and facilitate experimental research within this field. The Laboratory is headed by Senior Associate Professor Preben Kidmose, and currently three PhD students and two postdoctoral researchers are associated with the lab.

An important project at the NeuroTechnology Lab is the development of the ear-EEG platform, which is intended to facilitate easy EEG measurements as part of everyday life.

Research Focus

  • Developing wearable systems that are feasible for recording over long periods of time and with integration with other sensor modalities, especially the ear-EEG platform.
  • Signal processing and machine learning algorithms for mental state decoding based on EEG recorded from everyday life situations.
  • Developing paradigms suitable for out-of-laboratory neuroscience, for instance where little information is available about stimuli.
  • Identifying valuable bio markers which could be combined with more traditional neuroscience modalities, in particular EEG.


  • 64-channel EEG recording setup with both passive and active electrodes.
  • Portable EEG systems (battery powered, suitable for recording outside the lab) with up to 32 active electrodes.
  • Equipment for manufacturing of individualized earpieces. This comprises equipment for making wax impressions, 3Shape Legato II impression scanner including software suite for scanning and modelling of earpieces, and various equipment and tools for prototyping and integrating electro-mechanical components into earpieces.


Preben Kidmose

Finlandsgade 22
building 5125, room 205
8200 Aarhus N
Mobile phone: 41893321

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