About NeuroCampus Aarhus

NeuroCampus Aarhus (NCA) is a non-funded cross-disciplinary research network at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital open for all interested in the brain. NCA strives to understand normal brain function and its changes in neurological and psychiatric diseases and incorporates disciplines ranging from structural biology, nanoscience, molecular and cellular neurobiology, to neurogenetics, clinical and cognitive neuroscience and rehabilitation research. The overall objective is to strengthen translational research. Currently, the number of stakeholders exceeds more than 400 persons. 

The NCA Steering Committee consists of nine people from basic and clinical research. Learn more here.

New NCA initiatives include:

  • PhD Course. The establishment of a PhD course in translational neuroscience with equal participation of scientists in basic and clinical research
  • Seminars. Regular seminars are scheduled
  • Guest Talks. Guest talks taking place in Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital research centers will be announced to all NCA stakeholders
  • Neuroscience Day. Annual meeting in April/May presenting research from NCA-affiliated groups and selected national peers.