Neurophysiological Research Laboratory

About Neurophysiological Research Laboratory

The Neurophysiological Research Laboratory (NRL) was started in 2001 with the purpose of exploring the electrical and integrative properties of neurons and cortical neuronal circuitry. Since 2004 we have expanded our field of interest to include the processes involved in ictogenesis and the development of new anticonvulsive strategies. 

Research Focus

  • Investigation of the role of dendritic ion currents in shaping theta-wave activity in hippocampus;
  • Investigation of the complex interaction between extra- and intracellular events involved in ictogenesis in cortical tissue;
  • Investigation of the impact of glial-dysfunction in relationship to ictogenesis;
  • Understanding the anticonvulsive effect of deep brain stimulation, loop diuretica and dietary treatment.
  • Understanding the impact of mitochondrial dysfunction on hyperexcitable cortical tissue.


  • In vitro brain slices
  • Intra- and extracellular recordings with sharp electrodes
  • Electrical field application
  • Morphological analysis
  • Immunohistochemical analysis 


Associate professor
Mogens Andreasen MD DrMedSc,,
phone: 871 67718

Associate professor
Steen Nedergaard MD,,
phone: 871 67724

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