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Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre is a highly specialised rehabilitation hospital for patients with moderate to severe acquired brain injury. These injuries include traumatic brain injury, stroke, infectious/metabolic brain injury, cerebral palsy and anoxic brain injury (which occurs following cardiac arrest). The centre treats adults and children.

Approximately 700 patients are referred to the Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre yearly. The centre has 84 beds and more than 500 employees.

The treatment of the patients has been organized in four highly specialised clinics, each with an affiliated out-patient clinic.

The Early Neurorehabilitation Clinic 
treats patients immediately following acute brain injury. The Clinic co-operates with the Neuro Intensive Step-down Ward at the Intensive Clinic at the Regional Hospital of Silkeborg. Once the patient no longer requires a ventilator they are transferred to the Early Neurorehabilitation Clinic. The Clinic treats patients with respiratory problems and initiate neurorehabilitation treatment.

The Sensory-motor Clinic 
treats patients with acquired brain injury and the resulting sequelae such as reduced sensation, reduced perception, linguistic problems and motor disorders.

The Cognitive Clinic 
treats patients with cognitive, emotional, motivational and behavioral disorders that directly or indirectly are caused by brain injury.

Neuropsychology and the neurobehavioural approach to brain injury is an essential part of patient rehabilitation.

The Pediatric Clinic (up to 18 years) predominantly treats children with traumatic brain injuries, apoplexy, cerebral palsy and sustained a brain injury due to anoxia, brain tumor, cardiac arrest, meningitis or encephalitis. The children can range from the comatose child to the mobile child with cognitive deficits.

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