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We would like to share and promote all relevant news and activities within and of interest to NeuroCampus Aarhus. The content is based on your input, so please send relevant information and materials relating to the categories below to

  • New publications and collaborations
  • Grants and awards
  • People news
  • Conferences, symposia, talks, courses, etc.
  • Open positions and study opportunities
  • Funding opportunities
  • Other NCA-relevant news

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In NeuroCampus Aarhus we work to enhance and promote interdisplinary neuroscience research in Aarhus.
We strive to enable contact and collaboration between different research groups and faculties across all faculties. Moreover, we want to promote all the interesting news and events about neuroscience in Aarhus to anyone interested in the field. You can be a part of the NCA network in three different ways:

  • For group leaders and PIs at AU or AUH:
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    You are affiliated AU or AUH in a neuroscience related field. Send us an email with your name, email adress and whether you are affiliated with AU or AUH. You will receive our monthly newsletter as well as AU/AUH relevant information, such as local events etc.
  • For external interested parties with no affiliation to AUH or AU, or employess at AU or AUH, who only want to receive our montly newsletter:
    You do not work at AU/AUH but wish to stay updated about the interesting neuroscience news and events in and outside of Aarhus. Send us an email with your name and email adress (declaration of job or affiliation is not required). You will receive our monthly newsletter and selected information of relevance.