Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET-Centre


The Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET-Centre is a major department for molecular imaging which houses several core facilities. The department is characterized by a very close interaction between clinical and research activities, providing a fundamental platform for the development of new and improved diagnostic imaging tools including the discovery of new and more sensitive biomarkers.

The daily clinical activities are focused on molecular imaging mainly in oncology and cardiology, and the department has a proud history within neuroscience as well as PET-based research into the physiology of the liver. Innovative state-of-the-art radiochemistry-based? tracers which enable the department to be at the leading edge of development within nuclear medicine.

Currently, the department employs 150 staff and academic members and covers and variety of research fields. The facilities operate 2 cyclotrons, 14 hot cells, 10 of these approved for GMP level tracer production, 4 PET/CT scanners, 1 micro PET/MRI, 1 HRRT dedicated brain scanner, 3 SPECT/CT and 4 gamma cameras. Three of the scanners are dedicated to animal research. 

The department is part of the Head-Neuro Centre at the Aarhus University Hospital and has three major focus areas: to provide a state-of-the-art diagnostic services to patients, to deliver high quality scientific research independently and in close collaboration with partners at Aarhus  University and at the clinical departments at Aarhus University Hospital, and to provide high quality pre- and post-graduate education and training. The scientific research strategy at  Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET- Centre includes among others: cellular and myocardial energy metabolism, neuroinflammation, preclinical imaging and drug research, and radiochemistry research. Collaboration between academia and the pharmaceutical industry is active. The studies are carried out together with basic scientists, dedicated physicists and radiochemists, experienced clinical investigators and other professionals.

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Research Focus

The department has a long tradition for  international pioneering research especially in the field of neuroscience, cardiology, oncology and hepatology. The translational aspect is highly prioritised, including preclinical models of various diseases.  Research in the Neuroscience Programme of the PET-centre is headed by Professor David Brooks and focuses on developing imaging biomarkers to understand the mechanisms of degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and rationalise new therapeutic approaches.



Head of Department, PhD, DMSc. 
Anni Morsing
Tel. +45 7846 3010 

Head Biomedical Laboratory Scientist 
Michael Werenberg Mikkelsen
Tel. +45 7846 3555 

Professor, Department Chair, DMSc 
Jørgen Frøkiær 
Tel. +45 7845 6210 
Email: /

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