Researchers have found a possible “memory-gene” that stores our memories

Takeuchi Lab, in collaboration with other researchers, has published an article detailing the activation of a specific gene known as Agap3. The article is published in Molecular Brain.

When we experience something new, our brains have a special way of strengthening the memory of that experience. This process involves certain brain areas and genes that help store these memories. In our study, we looked at how this happens in both mice and rats.

Takeuchi Lab and collaborators have found that when these animals explored new environments, certain genes in their hippocampus became more active.

One gene, called Agap3, was particularly interesting because it increased in both animals.

"This gene helps in managing signals in the brain, which might be crucial for keeping the memory strong. We believe that studying this gene further could help us understand memory better and guide future research," Tomonori Takeuchi explains. 

Tomonori Takeuchi is a teamleader at DANDRITE.