About CNRU

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU) is an interdisciplinary research group, performing experimental and theoretical research within cognitive neuroscience, neurorehabilitation, and philosophy of mind and science. For CNRU it is a basic ideology that the interdisciplinary cooperation between basic science, clinical research and philosophy is a prerequisite to describe and explore many aspects of human brain functioning. CNRU is involved in several projects studying subjective conscious experience.

CNRU is actively engaged in several international collaborations and is coordinator or partner in currently three EU-funded research projects.

CNRU researchers use a range of methodologies to study human cognition – from subjective reporting, “classical” cognitive science methods, and neuroscientific measurements. CNRU has much experience with the co-registration of objective performance or neuroscientific measurement one the one hand and subjective information about subjective conscious experiences on the other.

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Research Focus


  • EEG

  • TMS

  • tDCS

  • fMRI

  • PET

  • GSR

  • eye tracking

  • heart rate monitoring

  • neuropsychological testing

  • psychophysical methods

  • introspective reports

  • qualitative interviews


Danish Neuroscience Center (DNC)
Nørrebrogade 44, building 10G
8000 Aarhus C

Head of CNRU
Morten Overgaard
Phone: (+45) 20783154

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