Program - Neuroscience Day 2019

Neuroscience Day 2019  -  Brain Jam

  • Monday 13 May at the Lakeside Lecture Theatres, Aarhus University


08.00-08.30      Registration and poster hanging

Session 1: A-synuclein in brain diseases

Chair: Assoc. Prof Mark Denham

08.30-08.35      Welcome to Neuroscience Day by The head of the organizing Committee 

08.35-08.55      “Life with Parkinson’s Disease“  by  cand.oecon and former Municipal Executive in Djursland Keld Overgaard. Moderated by a representative from the Danish Parkinson Association

08.55-09.10      “A-syn aggregation in cells during synucleinopathies” by Prof Poul Henning Jensen, DANDRITE, AU

09.10-09.25      Selected ORAL: “A tale of two intrinsically disordered proteins: How MOAG-4 promotes the aggregation of alpha-synuclein” by Yuichi Yoshimura

09.25-09.40      “Immune response to a-syn aggregation” by Assoc. Prof Marina Romero-Ramos, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU

09.40-09.55      Therapeutic strategies to target protein aggregation in Parkinson’s Disease” by Prof Daniel Otzen, INANO, AU

09.55-10.55      Coffee break with poster session 1 (even numbers to present)

Session 2: Brain jam: tau, Abeta, a-synuclein.

Chair: Prof Marco Capogna

10.55-11.45      Keynote speaker “Conformers of assembled Tau” by 2018 Brain Prize Winner Prof Michel Goedert. Introduction by Kim Krogsgaard, Director of The Brain Prize

11.45-12.05      PET imaging during dementia” by Prof David Brooks, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, AU

12.05-12.20      Selected ORAL: “Musical Rhythm and Pleasure in Parkinson's Disease” by Victor Pando-Naude, Center for Music in the Brain, AU

12.20-12.35      Group Photo – please gather quickly

12.35-13.35      Lunch with poster session 2 (odd numbers to present) 

Session 3: Dysfunction associated  to protein mishandling

Chair: Prof Elvira Brattico

13:35-14.05     Keynote speaker “Frontotemporal Dementia Linked to Chromosome 3: Mutation, Mechanisms, Markers and Modifiers” by Prof Jørgen E. Nielsen, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen

14.05-14.20     Selected ORAL: “Effect of Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors in Brain Hemodynamics of the Tg­Swdi Model of Alzheimer's Disease” by Eugenio Gutiérrez­Jiménez, CFIN, AU

14.20-14.35     Novel functions of the APP-sorting receptor SORL1” by Assoc. Prof Olav Andersen, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU 

14.35-14.50     Selected ORAL: “Pig brains as tools for the modeling and study of neurodegenerative disorders: RNA editing” by Yonglun Luo, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU

14.50-15.10     Coffee break

Session 4: Using iPSC for the study of protein aggregation disease

Chair: Assoc. Prof Tinna Stevnsner

15.10-15.25      Selected ORAL: “Investigating early causative mechanisms that lead to Parkinson’s Disease in GBA heterozygous carriers”  by Assoc. Prof. Mark Denham, DANDRITE, AU

15.25-15.55      Keynote speaker:Using patient-derived aged neurons to study Huntington’s disease.” By Prof Johan Jakobsson, Lund University.

15.55-16.05      Closing remarks and Announcement of the Poster Presentation Prize winners by Christian Steenkjær, President of Neuroscientific Society of Medical Students, AU

16.00-17.00     Networking and free draft beer/soft drinks



For questions regarding Neuroscience Day, please contact:

Marina Romero-Ramos
Department of Biomedicine
Aarhus University
Bartholins Allé 6, building 1242, 425 
8000 Aarhus C